About Us

Fiesta condoms are condoms that merge high quality and variety, with prices affordable by many. Fiesta condoms are designed to add passion and pleasure to your life. Fiesta condoms are made from 100% natural rubber latex; and 100% electronically tested and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards (EN ISO 4074:2002) to provide the ultimate in protection and pleasure. Fiesta condoms, when used properly, will prevent pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

Fiesta lubricants excitingly ease the act of intercourse (for example in the cases of vaginal dryness), hence add pleasure and comfort to both partners. Fiesta lubricant gel are water-based lubricants which are hypo-allergic. Fiesta lubricants are dermatologically tested. Fiesta condoms and lubricants are provided in Egypt by DKT. Fiesta is an international brand, trademark owned by DKT International – USA. DKT is operating in Egypt since 2005. DKT in Egypt has a unique role, as well as unique ways, to serve family planning. DKT currently provides the Egyptian community different types of contraceptives, so as to provide a broad cafeteria of contraceptives, so that couples may select the most suitable birth control method for them. For more info about DKT and its products, kindly visit the website:www.dkteg.com