Throughout the years, DKT Egypt helped more and more couples in planning for a thriving future, via supplying the Egyptian market with a variety of contraceptive methods, awareness campaigns for women in-need, training for health care professionals, and timely joint activities with the Egyptian Ministry of Health. In 2016
With its diversified contraceptive cafeteria, DKT strives to satisfy the different contraceptive needs, providing 5 IUDs as LARCs (long-acting reversible contraceptives). To serve couples seeking short-term contraception / contraception upon need, DKT provides 2 condom brands, vaginal foaming suppositories, and emergency contraceptive pills.
DKT Egypt generated 2.4 million Couple Year’s Protection (CYPs)*, which represents about 8% of the country’s contraceptive prevalence rate. Due to DKT’s dedication to its mission in serving family planning and birth spacing in Egypt, during 2016 alone DKT succeeded in averting 869,278 pregnancies.


Believing in women’s rights to know about reproductive health and birth control, starting in 2015, DKT launched its public awareness campaign “Aman”. “Aman” is tailored to reach poor and hard-to-reach women with key messages about contraception, the different contraceptive methods available, unintended pregnancies and means to avoid it, as well as stretching out to women via social media, and others via printed educational fliers. Further, DKT creates youth-friendly mass media and social media content to reach young people whom might otherwise not have access to sexual health information. During 2016, DKT collaborated with the Egyptian Ministry of Health to deliver contraceptives to 500,000 women living in slums of the El-Sharkia governorate. Of these women, 62,000 were new contraceptive users.