Why use Fiesta?

We use fiesta because it adds fun and joy to your life. Moreover, fiesta combines high quality and variety in choices that suit all couples’ relationship needs. With competitive prices .

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What are the materials used in manufacturing Fiesta?

Fiesta are made of 100% natural rubber latex.

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Who provides Fiesta in Egypt?

 DKT International provides fiesta in Egypt. DKT has been operating in Egypt since 2005. DKT Egypt offers unique ways to serve family planning in the Egyptian community. DKT currently offers in Egypt various methods of birth control, so couples can choose the most  suitable method of birth control for their families. For more information about DKT and its products, please visit www.dkteg.com

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What are the quality standards of Fiesta products?

Fiesta products are EN ISO 4074: 2002 certified, which is a certificate of quality approved by WHO, Fiesta are tested and manufactured electronically to provide the highest standards of quality.

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What products does Fiesta provide us?

Fiesta All night (soft): Contains lubricant that helps to increase your time.

Fiesta Sensation (Delicate): provides more natural feeling.

Fiesta Rocket (Contoured, ribbed, dotted, and straight-walled)

Fiesta Warm (soft): contains lubricant that generates a warm sensation.

Fiesta Cool (soft): contains lubricant that provides a fresh sensation.

Fiesta Banana (ribbed): contains banana scented lubricant.

Fiesta Caramel (Dotted): contains Caramel scented lubricant.

Fiesta Chocolate (Dotted): contains Chocolate scented lubricant.

Fiesta Vanilla (Dotted): contains Vanilla scented lubricant.

Fiesta Strawberry (Dotted): contains Strawberry scented lubricant.

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Does the use of Fiesta have side effects?

No .The use of Fiesta does not cause any side effects.

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Why use Fiesta lubricants?

 Fiesta lubricants make the relationship more smooth and fun.

Does the use of Fiesta lubricants have side effects?

No. All Fiesta lubricants are water based, which prevents allergy. Dermatologists test fiesta lubricants to ensure that there are no side effects.

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