Fiesta Sensation


Name: Fiesta Sensation

Shape: Plain

Pack: Pack includes 3 pieces

100% natural rubber latex, 53 mm nominal width. Fiesta is 100% electronically tested and manufactured to meet the highest international quality standards (EN ISO 4047:2002) to provide the ultimate protection.

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Experience new fun levels with Fiesta Sensation Condoms; designed to provide a skin-to-skin experience. Your confidence and pleasure are guaranteed.

Try a Fiesta Condom today for an exciting experience. With the full range of Fiesta Condoms, you and your partner will create memorable experiences.


53 mm nominal width.

Fiesta sensation is a more lubricated condom, for a more natural feeling.

Gentle condom to maximize feeling.


-Fiesta is an international quality condom, manufactured by DKT

-Fiesta manufactured in Malaysia

-Made from Natural latex %100

-All fiesta products include lubricant

-All products certified made based on WHO international standards

-Each pack includes 3 Fiesta condoms